Frequently Asked Questions

Accepted Waste Collection Types

Easy Bag can be used for disposal and collection of any of the following waste types:

Can’t see the waste type you’re looking for? Speak to our team on 01202 810935, or learn more about our different collection types.

Do You Pick Up Other Bags such as Hippo Bags?

Yes we can pick up any type of dumpy bag if it is in suitable condition!

How Big Are Easy Bags?

Easy Bags measure approximate 90cm x 90cm x 90cm and hold up to 1 tonne of waste.

Where Can Easy Bags Be Placed?

It must be situated within 4m (13 feet) of a public road. Ensure that there are no potential obstructions nearby, such as overhead wires, parked vehicles, trees etc.

How it works

Order & Collect your Easy Bag

Use our simple online ordering tool to book the Easy Bag service that you require. Once the order is completed, please collect your Easy Bag from your chosen collection site.


Fill your Easy Bag with waste

Open and locate your Easy Bag in the appropriate place on your property. Then simply fill your bag with the waste type(s) that you have ordered. Learn more about filling an Easy Bag.


Contact Easy Bag for collection

Contact Easy Bag’s customer team on 01202 810935 to arrange the collection of your Easy Bag(s). Please note you will need your order number and postcode.

Empty skip bag from Easy Bag

Still have questions? Call 01202 810935 today!