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    Easy Bag Terms and Conditions:

Easy Bag Terms and Conditions:

The Easy Bag service is available for any 1 cubic yard grab bag or builders bag, supplied by AMS or an alternative company that requires collecting in a BH post code area.

The Easy Bag is suitable for Household, DIY and Garden Waste. Grab bags are not reusable and the bag will be taken away upon collection.

Place the empty bag at a collection point where our drivers will be guaranteed easy access. It must be situated within 4 metres (13 feet) of a public road. Ensure that there are no potential obstructions nearby, such as overhead wires, parked vehicles, trees etc. The roadway must be a minimum of 3 metres (10 feet) wide to enable the collection lorry to gain access to the Easy Bag. It is strongly advised not to attempt to move the bag once you have begun filling it as you risk damaging the bag or injuring yourself.

To use, simply fold down the four corners of the Easy Bag (this will give it a more sturdy structure).You can then start filling the bag.

TheEasy Bag must not be used for the disposal of electrical items, toxic substances or sharps, hazardous materials. Under environmental laws these include fridges, freezers, tyres, car batteries, pesticides, asbestos and gas bottles. If you are unsure about the legality of any of your waste material please phone us for advice.

Seek permission from your local authority before placing a Easy Bag along a main road, byway or footpath.

When your Easy Bag is ready for collection simply call 01202 810935. We will collect the bag within 5 working days. Please have your credit/debit card details and the address of collection point at hand when phoning.